•  Assist companies in understanding the business environment and  regulatory requirements of doing business in specific industries/sectors.Import Export

•  Locate local counsel and agents.

•  Represent companies before government agencies, obtain proper permits and certifications.

•  Conduct market research, gather and analyze competitive market intelligence, and prepare business plans.

Tablet Hand•  Advise regarding compliance with rules of origin, customs regulations, security/anti terrorist rules and other entry requirements.

•  Perform tariff analysis and advice on product classifications and the use of international trade agreements, customs procedures, transportation security and environmental related issues.

 •   Provide assistance in shipping product(s) in the cheapest, fastest and most secure way, according to international rules.

•  Train company’s management and staff on country rules and business codes. Shaking Hands

•   Identify potential partners/investors and conduct due preliminary investigation of potential transactions.

•   Negotiate and prepare agreements and partnerships with customers, distributors and partners.

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