About WCC

Global-Business-BackgroundIn today’s global economy, doing business internationally can be the key to a company’s growth. Washington Consulting Corporation (WCC) offers a full range of proven solutions for companies that want to market goods or services or to invest outside of their country of origin.

WCC provides country-specific knowledge to facilitate cross-border business. We have the skills and experience to research and provide assistance on the regulatory, trade and commercial aspects related to international operations.

Our team can help companies of all sizes obtain permits and ensure administrative and regulatory compliance with countries’ rules. We also serve as a specialized resource to law-firms and consultants.

With offices in the Washington D.C. area, WCC is accessible to all federal and local government agencies and boards in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland, as well as many international organizations.


optimizing-linkedin-three-quick-ideas-for-growing-your-business-networkWCC has a qualified team of lawyers, economists and public policy specialists, with twenty years of experience in trade, international negotiations and government issues. WCC leads an international and multilingual (Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French) group of professionals with presence in the United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

 Members of our team and network have been negotiators of numerous international agreements, served as government officials and have worked closely with legislators, governments and trade associations. We have organized trade missions and prepared and delivered training programs for exporters.

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